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About Container Grown Plants

We have been growing containerized Daylilies for 25 years now. You may have seen them is a few GTA Garden Centers.

Container Grown plants may be planted any time through the season without losing a beat. Even plants in full bloom can be planted using a little extra care to avoid damaging the bloom scapes.
And we have found that unlike bare root plants that don't like being planted in October or November, our well rooted containerized plants are fine being planted right up until the ground freezes in the autumn.

We use environmentally friendly water retention mats under our containers providing for better water management and nutrient recovery, and we use rooting media that is inoculated with symbiotic Mycorrhizal fungi that make our plants more drought resistant. Our Integrated Pest Management system relies on biological controls as our first line of defence and we love seeing ladybirds, rove beetles, lacewings and preying mantis exploring our growing areas.

Pickups of container grown plants may be arranged at our Home Garden (Central Toronto), or our Etobicoke Garden (very near the junction of QEW/427/Gardiner). Best selection of container grown plants to choose from (1000+) will be in our Etobicoke garden.

Our Container Grown plants are the best we have ever grown. With massive strong root systems, most put up multiple bloom scapes the first season.   These are just plain Spectacular !

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